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Guillermo Forchino The Skier

Guillermo Forchino The Skier
The ski instructor had told me clearly “You should get off at the first stop on the ski lift”. Well, here I am, I didn’t listen and I find myself… at the last stop, on a black trail looking down from the top of the mountain, eyes bulging, at an endless slope of 45°. A bead of sweat drips down my forehead forming a stalactite at the end of my nose. Two young girls were watching me, there was no way that I would give up, I made it look like “this is going to be easy for me”, I adjust my goggles, lean forward, stick my poles in the snow and launch myself at full speed. The next day in room 215 of the valley hospital, thanks to the one eye I could still open, I saw five doctors surrounding me, surprised to see me awake. “We have never seen anyone go down the mountain at such speed”, said one of the doctors. A nurse asked if she could take a selfie with me. It seems like I have become a star.
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