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Ritzenhoff Porcelain Mini Piggy Bank

Ritzenhoff Porcelain Mini Piggy Bank
The history of pigs is closely tied to that of humans. Very early on, pigs achieved significance in the myths and legends of many different cultures. For instance, the Chinese were fascinated by the strength and fertility of wild boars and so went about discovering ways of utilizing them to their benefit. In ancient China, tame boars came to symbolize a secured livelihood.
Even in the occident, pigs were regarded as a symbol of secured wealth: in many regions people bought piglets in the spring, which throughout the year served as uncomplicated waste-disposal units so that before the arrival of winter they were ready for slaughtering thus helping their owners survive the freezing period ahead.
The idea of preparing for lean times is probably where the idea of the piggy bank came from. Its origins go back to the middle ages. So-called Pig Jugs were used primarily to store salt, but their use gradually changed over time and people started putting money in them. Then, in early 19th century England, the jug suddenly became the Piggy Bank as we know it today - greedily awaiting its diet of coins.
Today, pigs are significant to humankind in three ways. Naturally, as culinary delights in the form of juicy hams or roasts. Pigs, however, also possess a symbolic character. For instance, in Germany people can be pig lucky and at New Year they give each other lucky charms shaped like pigs. And finally, piggy banks are still in use and it's not only children who excitedly look forward to the moment of reckoning when their contents are counted.

Height: 7.5cm
Width: 6.6cm
Length: 10cm

Porcelain with plastic stopper

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