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Guillermo Forchino Mur Art Fine Cuisine

Guillermo Forchino Mur Art Fine Cuisine
A pleasant aroma of spices floated in the kitchen. In the oven, an apple pie began to turn a delicious golden brown. In the pot where various vegetables were boiling, the famous chef Domenico delicately added two pinches of cumin, a bit of ginger and a little salt. He took a sip of the exquisite potion.“Hmmm…That’s a soup! he exclaimed, wiping off the liquid dripping from his chin with the back of his sleeve.

In another pot, simmered a savory stew. He cut a portion of bread, dipped it into the sauce and, with his eyes half closed, brought it to his mouth. A tear of emotion slid down his cheek. He had succeeded to recreate the sauce he remembered from his childhood… “la salsa della Nonna !”

Art.no. FO85704 size 40 x 30 x 5 cm
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